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Dental Implants Indonesia Patients

Restoring your smile is a process that’s personal & precise – which is why the cost of dental implants varies

Our Real Impact

"I was planning to get dental implants in Singapore, but I decided to get them at the Ceria Smile Clinic, thanks to the team of dentists who handled me well"

( Mr.Diedier-Germany 70 years old-Consultant )

"My son gave me a special gift of dental implants at the Ceria dental clinic, it turned out that the process was fast and painless. Previously I thought the installation of dental implants was scary, it turned out to be simple and the process was fast, the process was much more comfortable than when pulling teeth"

( E Suhaenah 59 years old- Retired head of Puskesmas )

"I did not feel any pain when dental implants were installed. And initially I wore dentures, but it was troublesome, dental implants are much more comfortable than ordinary dentures, with dental implants I feel like I have my natural teeth back"

(Ade 33 years old- Self-employed)

Apakah IMPLAN GIGI cocok bagi Anda?

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